Thursday, September 02, 2004

Irfana starring on the Catwalk at Greenbelt 2004 flanked by Ruth Hassel and Ruth Radley from CMS. Posted by Hello

Greenbelt 2004

Just got back from a great weekend at Greenbelt Christian arts festival. We put on 3 fashion plays for Big Intent each day. One from Uganda on child soldiers, one from the UK looking at Asylum and one from India looking at Aids. Up too 60 young people took part and more than double that came to watch. Check out Fashion plays to get a flavour of it. Aside from Big Intent we were able to see lots of good caberet, comedy and music. We went to see a comic magician , John Archer who was brilliant, but unfortunately (for me), used me as the but of all his jokes. I've learnt now never to sit too near to the front. Still it was good fun. We finished off the weekend by seeing Jamelia on the main stage. A great act with plenty of soul. Click on Greenbelt Highlights to get a flavour for that.