Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday in Winnipeg

Tonight Jonny and I will be leading the evening session and worship. I have also been asked to preach in the church on Sunday. Check out the updated photos and Jonny's blog for more on the conference

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Snow in Winnipeg

We have finally arrived in Winnipeg and are resting in the Holiday inn. Things are looking up with internet connection in the room so Jonny is completely at home! I will be seeing Azhar (Bro in law) & family this evening who live in Winnipeg. Here are some pictures of our time so far. I will update pictures as we go along.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Off to Canada

Tomorrow I am off to Winnipeg in Canada with my colleague Jonny Baker, who will be teaching at a emerging church conference held by the United Church of Canada called The Morph Project . For myself it will not just be an interesting trip to see what "Emerging Church" means in North America, but I am also looking forward to Visiting Azhar, Janet, Michael and Anna my brother in law and his family. I'll post some pictures when I'm back.

Encounter a global God

Irfana and myself in conversation Posted by Hello Just got back from an orientation weekend for all the CMS teams going on a short term mission experience. It was a weekend of sampling different food, simulation activities and a great session on Indian culture led by a good friend Laekha from Bangalore. Irfana (my wife) and Jonny baker (CMS Youth Coordinator) will be leading my team to Bangalore 4th - 20th June, where we will attend a shouth Asian youth conference and then see some Christian youth projects in Kerala. To get a taste of our weekend click on "Encounter weekend"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

At Your Service

The times newspaper sent a roving reporter to our church, Holy Trinity Clapham Common. Maria Cleminson gave us 3 stars for architecture, 4 stars for after- service care and 5 stars for history. Not bad I thought! I think with the up and coming commemorations of the abolition of slavery in 2007 our church is going to be more in the spot light. My favourite part is where she observes that " At times the style of the service may have seemed at odds with itself. The hymns were traditional, the sermon was fair and sedate. In contrast the children presented the discovery of Christ's empty tomb........all very different I suspect from the preaching of John Venn." Check out the article At Your Service

Monday, April 18, 2005

30 years of hurt

Images of Seagull theatre Posted by Hello Spent the weekend sorting through, clearing out and even cutting up 40 odd sets of scenery as we moved my Mum and her colleagues Theatre from a workshop floor to a shed 15 feet squared. Whether I liked it or not all these plays have become a part of me as I have watched them being created, written and performed over nearly a 30 year cycle. Well here is the end...... or is it a new beginning? Above is a selection of scenery all painted by Louise Bagley from Coventry for plays such as Petrushka, Burglar Baggins, Peer Gynt, and Strife between brothers to name a few. Seagull Theatre of the Gorge has now become Seagull New Horizon's as they look to offer their plays out and perhaps do a bit of co work with Big Intent?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Birmingham balti

balti group Posted by HelloOn Saturday 9th April as many people were paying their yearly visit to the bookies for a flutter on the Grand National or watching the preamble to the royal wedding. (Kind of felt like the FA Cup final road to Wembley) Debbie James, Chuli Scarfe and myself travelled to Birmingham for a balti with ex MAD and Encounter partcicpants. In all there were 11 of us, joined also by our Colleague from the Northern team Colin Darling and for some time by David Fletcher from Crowther. We shared our experiences of life at home having had our world view stretched by our mission experiences. The world map was at the centre of our day and we used it for a couple of activities to see that we are all joined by a shared experience of being "Global people". We finished the day by looking at ways to encourage one another and fuel each others mission. We looked at blahonline as a way to do this but also floated the idea of creating a group Balti blog which we could all contribute to and share our experiences with one another on. I am working on this at present and it is an up and running work in progress. Check out a few pictures in the blah gallery called Birmingham balti, which i have just put on. I will be updating them with with more aswell.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

WMR 3 - be an activist

be an activist Youth Resource Posted by Hello I have just uploaded the new World Map Resource 3 on blahonline. It contains activities to go with the CMS world mat as with WMR 1 and 2. I have focused on the issue of asylum in the UK and a Christian response to it.

Monday, April 04, 2005

TESOL is over.

TESOL Posted by Hello After 3 months of Unknown language journaling, Student profiles, One to one lessons, aswell as nerves , sweat and tears, the course for Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (TESOL) is over.... Here are a few pictures of Irfana's course. The course Tutor "Will" is in the middle and Irfana is looking very pleased at the top. I am at the bottom with a big smile.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Youth group's biscuit identities

Posted by HelloJust wanted to introduce the young people of our youth group The Mix at Holy Trinity, Clapham. Child protection stops me from taking photos, but there is no law to stop me from displaying their image through "Biscuit icing art"........Yet!